Mubtada wa khabar is a collaborative platform for the Arabic written content, that aims at contributing to an enhanced presence of Arabic written content in our daily lives, by using new web technologies.

As a first step, mubtada wa khabar focuses on books, and works towards invigorating the Arab book production by bringing books closer to readers. Its strategy is to make quality information available, and fight the opacity of the book market.

Since the platform is collaborative, users, who are part of the written word production chain, are relied upon to generate content. Consequently, the platform also seeks to create a community around the written word across the wide geographic area covered by Arabic speaking countries.

The platform has thus three key functions:


Nowadays, there is no continuous, structured and reliable information regarding published works. Moreover there is little distribution and diffusion. The opacity of the market has consequences ranging from the quality of the productions to the shrinking place publications, among which books, hold in our daily lives.

The web based, collaborative platform we are creating aims at informing the public and the professionals on the activity and health of the Arab book industry, for free.
Publishers and other trusted users can add content to the platform, mainly book metadata as a first step. Other professionals and trusted users can also add book reviews, studies, interviews, etc.


The web based platform creates a space for every stakeholder of the industry, for the time being: authors, publishers and readers. They can each create a profile, communicating on their latest productions.
As a result, the platform will serve as a tool to create a community around books across the Arab countries.


Mubtada wa khabar also answers a widely felt need for structured Arabic content on the web.

We are operating under a Creative Common license.

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