Professional experience

Experience in books and publishing

:: MUBTADA WA KHABAR, a collaborative platform for Arab written works
>> A web based platform aiming at enhancing the presence of Arab written content in our daily lives.

:: RAYA, agency for Arabic literature, Beirut, Lebanon
>> Literary agency specialized in Arabic literature, representing world rights of translation.

—Conception: The agency’s middle term objective is to facilitate and democratize the access to a literature considered as marginal, mainly in Europe and North America. The agency’s long term objective is to contribute to the development of the Arab countries’ image in the world.
—Creation and implementation: Prospecting the Arabic literary production, contacting the authors, implementing a network of sub-agents in different territories, contracts negotiation, rights management.

:: Melsene Timsit & sons, Scouting agency, Paris
—Assistant to Alain Timsit, agency owner: Scouting French literary production for European clients.

:: Sindbad, Actes Sud, Paris
>> Publishing house specialized in contemporary Arabic literature.

—Assistant to Sindbad’s editor: Acquisition (reading and evaluating the literary quality of submitted Arabic books, assessing their adequateness for the French market, verifying the translations’ quality).

:: Seven Stories Press, New York
>> Middle sized independent publishing house.

—Assistant to the Open Media Pamphlets’ editor, an imprint of political non fiction books: Editorial, research, press (were published in the Open Media Pamphlets: Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, Eqbal Ahmad, Tanya Reinhart, Ralph Nader and others).

Experience in communication

:: MEICA, The Middle East Information and Communication Agency, Paris
>> MEICA is a communication company, editor and publisher of The Syria Report, the first and only professional independent and media dedicated to Syrian economics.

—Project lead:, the web portal of the Inter-parliamentary Senatorial Friendship Group France-Saudi Arabia-Gulf Countries: fund raising, relational, content structuring, editor.

Editor of France-Quebec’s information tool, the Inter-parliamentary Senatorial Friendship Group’s weekly updated website (2005-2006).

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