2005-2009 :: PhD. in philosophy and cognitive sciences, Institut Jean Nicod, EHESS, ENS, CNRS, Paris

Graduated with honors
>> Research in the field of color categorization, at the interface between perception and language, focusing on Kay and colleagues’ basic color terms theory.

2002-2005 :: D.E.A in philosophy of science, IHPST, Paris 1, La Sorbonne, Paris

>> D.E.A: Research dedicated to universalism and relativism in knowledge. The memoir aimed at characterizing a naturalist, non foundational, pragmatic and universalist attitude in knowledge, based on a comparison between Quine and Neurath.
>> PhD: The first two years of research focused on categorization in culture and cognition.

1999-2001 :: M.A. in philosophy, University of Montreal, Canada

>> Research dedicated to universalism and relativism in the notion of truth, as understood in the Vienna Circle and Tarsky’s early work.

1999 :: B.A. in philosophy, St-Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon

>> Following a French Baccalaureate in Economics and Social Sciences, ‘Mission laique française’, promotion of 1996.

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