Forthcoming in peer reviewed journals and books

Jraissati, Y. (Forthcoming). Reporting color sensations in grapheme-color synesthesia: Insights from color categorization. In O. Deroy (Ed.) Sensory blending : New Essays on Synesthesia. Oxford : OUP

Published in peer reviewed journals and books

Douven, I., Wenmackers, S., Jraissati, Y., and Decock, L. (2016). Measuring graded membership: The case of color. Cognitive science.

Jraissati, Y, Slobodenyuk, N., Kanso, A., Ghanem, L. & Imad Elhajj (2015). Haptic and Tactile Adjectives Are Consistently Mapped onto Color Space. Multisensory Research 29: 253-278.

Slobodenyuk, N., Jraissati, Y., Kanso, A., Ghanem, L., & Elhajj, I. (2015). Cross-Modal Associations between Color and Haptics. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics, 77(4), 1379-1395.

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